The NBA and software development are two of my greatest passions. nbasense is about merging those two passions together into a website that provides tools and information to others.

After spending a few hundred hours on an open-source library to retrieve NBA analytics data, I didn't want to just release it out into the wild and force users to fend for themselves. I also know that a lot of analytics-minded people are not software developers by nature. That's why I built an entire suite of tools around the library.

- Not sure what data you can pull? nbasense provides a browse-able reference.
- Not great with code? I provide *all* the code for you. For every request. Just copy and paste!
- Don't want to code at all? Use the forms on this site to generate the requests and data for you!

Besides an interface to my NBA API library, this site has (and will have) other fun and interactive tools to play with, like the Draft Pick Trade Value suite I created (and some NBA teams used) for the 2017 draft.

Follow nbasense on Twitter for the latest updates to my library and to this website.

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