NBA Draft Pick Trade Value

These NBA Draft Pick Trade Value tools are something that I whipped up in under a day after reading ESPN's Kevin Pelton's article about trading down the No.1 pick (ESPN Insider required) and decided it would be fun to put his draft trade value charts into a comparable database.

I created a system that would allow for a user to have their own draft pick trade value charts, and maintain previous versions (Kevin Pelton updated his chart from 2015 to a new one in 2017). You can view the existing charts individually, or compare several charts at the same time.

Also provided is a trade simulator, where you can enter a trade of any number of draft picks, and it will tell you if you are receiving more value than you are giving away. You can compare these values across any number of draft pick trade value charts.

Currently this system only supports draft pick trade value charts for a single year, but I am looking into a way to specify the value of picks in subsequent years' drafts. If you have created your own chart and would like to see it displayed here, please contact me on Twitter.

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